Make IT Easy Co., Ltd.

Make it simple. Make it honest. Make it easy
– our principle in every solution.

Make IT Easy is a Bangkok-based IT service provider dedicated to pleasing our customers in return of the faith they put in us.

As in our principle, we strive for simplicity and honesty. We work with expertise to provide accurate, reliable results and strictly observe
proper ethics throughout the process. Our goal: a convenient and user-friendly output without compromising our customer’s privacy.

In Make IT Easy, we deal with the hard parts, so that things are simple on your side.

What We Do

Big Data

We collect your data

Data Mining

We look for useful bits

Data Visualization

We present results graphically

IT Infrastructure

We do stuff for you to do stuff

Our Clients, Our Partners, Our Friends

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Tourism Authority of Thailand (TTT)
Tourism Authority of Thailand (TTT)
  Tourism Authority of Thailand (TTT) was the first organization in Thailand to be specifically responsible for the promotion of tourism. TAT supplies information and data on tourist areas to the public, publicizes Thailand with the intention of encouraging both Thai and international tourists to travel in and around Thailand, conducts studies to set development plans for tourist destinations, and co-operates with and supports Learn more->
Office of the Teacher Civil Service and Educational Personnel Commission (OTEPC)
Office of the Teacher Civil Service and Educational Personnel Commission (OTEPC)
  Office of the Teacher Civil Service and Educational Personnel Commission (OTEPC) is responsible for giving device to the Education Minister about policies on personnel administration for public school teachers, establishing rules, regulations and criterions related to teacher personnel administration in educational agencies, to make a national standard of personnel administration for all public school teachers.   OTEPC's Pain Point The executive level needs Learn more->
KDDI Thailand
KDDI Thailand
KDDI Thailand is a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a one-stop provider that offers a multitude of communication services. KDDI Thailand provides comprehensive global and local ICT solutions as well as support for business development in Thailand using our close teamwork with our headquarters, our Singapore office (the regional headquarters) and other subsidiaries in the region.   KDDI's Pain Point KDDI Thailand aims to improve their Learn more->
  CLOUD47 A new casual dining experience on the biggest rooftop bar in Bangkok, the top 10 Hottest Bar and Restaurant in Bangkok in 2016. Serving a life refreshment and beacons of excitement with the 360° panoramic view, authentic fusion food, beverage, great music &live concert, including impressive services.   CLOUD47's Pain Point CLOUD47 wishes to provide excellent internet experience. They also want their customers to Learn more->