KDDI Thailand


KDDI Thailand
is a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, a one-stop provider that offers a multitude of communication services.
KDDI Thailand provides comprehensive global and local ICT solutions as well as support for business
development in Thailand using our close teamwork with our headquarters, our Singapore office
(the regional headquarters) and other subsidiaries in the region.


KDDI’s Pain Point
KDDI Thailand aims to improve their service quality continuously by providing real-time support and maintenance
when their provided telecommunication circuit and IT system have problem(s).


Our Solution
We provide real-time notification system. This system monitors and shows their circuit and main IT system
in one page, and notifications are sent to the person in charge when something needs attending to.


KDDI Thailand can take action immediately as the problem arises and inform the customer before
they even notice. This helps KDDI Thailand keep customer satisfaction at a high rate.